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Local Accuracy:

Metric Definitions
All local prediction metrics refer to performance of the model on the test set, bucketed by model confidence. Presented metrics for a given prediction are derived from the relevant model confidence bucket. Positive class = falsehood label. See relevant about page section for additional context.
  • Local Acc.: Test set accuracy on predictions with similar confidence
  • PPV/NPV: Positive/negative predictive value of predictions
  • PPR/NPR: Ratio of positive/negative predictions in a given bucket
  • TP/TN/FP/FN: Confusion matrix class proportions for a given bucket
Prediction Local Acc. PPV NPV PPR NPR TP TN FP FN Claim Date[1]
  1. [0] New predictions are continuously generated and added to ipfs as statements are issued. Twitter is polled for new statements every 3 minutes, every 15 minutes. See relevant about page section for additional context
  2. [1] Date in PT
  3. [2] Note, if pinata is still caching the latest predictions from ipfs, loading may take up to a minute, please be patient :). Also, due to resource limitations (using dnslink to simulate pubsub at minimal cost) latest results may be somewhat delayed when serving from the cloudflare gateway